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Giant Bull Auto House has been offering its services in California for over 15 years. We offer a one-stop shop for both technical and non-technical car issues. Technical services we specialize in include sheet metal painting and repair, automobile frame beam repairs, tire service, auto glass film, subsystem/accessory installation and replacement. Need help with processing and paperwork? We can also assist in DMV transfer, renewals, and assistance in insurance claims to recover the highest maintenance costs for repairs, car accidents, bodily injuries, and claims compensation. Other services include the acquisition and trade of used cars, 24-hour trailer service throughout the Bay Area, and immediate roadside rescue (call us at 510-330-8888). 從2009年到現在,牛哥修車廠為加州居民服務已經15年。在汽車維修方面, 師傅專精於專業鈑金噴漆、專業維修汽車frame大樑以及精修專業診斷各類日本車、美國車、歐洲車、奔馳、寶馬、保時捷、馬薩拉蒂、沃爾沃、奧迪、大眾,汽車診斷維修,汽車輪胎、汽車玻璃(可走保險)、 拖車服務( 全灣區) Dmv 過戶、renewal , 汽車鈑金修理/保險理賠車身‎維修‎以‎及保養‎接受‎所有‎保‎險公司(報‎價全面‎‎) , 專業‎為‎客戶追討最‎高‎維修費‎用, 車禍人‎體受傷‎的索‎賠, 一‎站式‎服務‎, 二手车买卖、收购二手车、汽车玻璃贴膜, 24小时拖车服务、道路救援等等。我們除了汽車維修,本店亦有接受客人保險:Farmers , Geico , All States , Mercury , Liberty Mutual , AAA。 我們有24小时拖车服务和立即道路救援, 只要一通電話給510-330-8888就能為您服務到位, 免費檢驗資詢及問價,絕對價格公道,合理收費。我們有一流的設備、專業的人才,親切的服務人員,讓您的愛車就像剛買的一樣新,全新的輪胎,全新的車子系統,全新的車子配件,讓您開起來安全又舒適。客戶滿意度是基於多年的經驗。作為我們的客戶,您將收到最高水準的服務及無可挑剔的維修質量。我們很願意回答您所有汽車修理問題,估算過程中,我們的專業和友好的工作人員將協助您的汽車維修以及合理估價並完成所有的汽車服務滿足您的需求。

Our Process

We can offer free inspection and inquiry, and service at reasonable prices. Our business has first-class equipment, professional employees, and friendly service personnel to help restore your car. Customer satisfaction is based on our many years of experience. As our customer, you will receive the highest level of service and impeccable repair quality. We accept customer insurance: Farmers, GEICO, All States, Mercury, Liberty Mutual, AAA.

About our Service

Professional Vehicles Diagnostic Repair, Autobody Collision Repair, Auto Glass / Windshield, Towing And Road Side Assistance/Change Tires, Change Car Keys, DMV Transfer/Registration Renewal, Customize car, Selling Used Car. In automotive maintenance, the master is specialized in professional sheet metal painting, professional repair of automobile frame beams, and professional diagnosis of various Japanese cars, American cars, European cars, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Masarati, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen ,

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